Corps to Coffee


Danny Lomas Isn’t your stereotypical hipster Barista. He is the Founder and genius behind Zombie Coffee Co & Roastery.

After 3 tours of Afghanistan, 3 Norway trips and a jolly to the jungle, it was time to slow the pace. Upon Leaving the Royal Marines, Danny like many others saw the financial benefits of the private Security Industry, and jumped on board the very much now sailed, Maritime protection boat. Danny’s slowing of pace involved protecting both commercial and civilian vessels from Pirate attack and kidnap attempts, through the Indian ocean to the Gulf of Aden.

‘I would like to take it upon myself to redefine a person’s perception of the word quality in the form of a truly delicious and aromatic cup of coffee’

Long stints on ship required a caffeine kick and Danny’s passion for Coffee beans grew. Spending time away in Kenya and Tanzania, he was able to visit plantations and get first-hand experience of the beautiful farming communities and witnessed each individual harvest process. Whilst travelling he was able to take samples of green beans which he roasted on a home roaster. Starting to understand the chemistry behind the art, Danny experimented with each unique type of bean to better recognise the application of a roast profile to maximise the taste, flavour and aroma. Coffee become his passion.

For 4 years he continued to sample roasted beans. Gaining popularity from friends and family, Danny made the decision to develop his passion and create his very own specialist brand of Coffee. To start his dream, he enrolled onto a business course, studied book keeping and learnt as much about the world of Coffee as he could. With no loans, no investors and no partners and only his personal money set aside, his aim was to prove passion, coupled with hard work and perseverance is enough to develop a successful business.

‘It is my aim to provide our clients and customers with the highest-grade coffee at a truly great price and to open up the British coffee cultures awareness of truly outstanding coffee’

Now nestled within the beautiful rolling hills of Lancashire’s countryside lies Zombie Coffee Co Roastery. On any given day the roaster is producing around 200 packages of roasted/ground beans using their Besca Drum roaster. This year, Danny plans to expand his Roastery and develop a unique specialist coffee shop.

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  1. I personally know dan and have seen the hard work he continues to put in but also I have had the pleasure of tasting the unique blends he produces. I wish him all the success he deserves.

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