Fractured Fractions

After last night’s attacks, I wanted to write a poem. This is my first ever poem, so  I hope that it’s intentions are understood, and its serves as a tribute to all the innocent lives lost.


Soon my body will be nothing, but my soul will live on,

Bathing in heaven with virgins, forgetting all done wrong.

Tomorrow I will kill infidels, and send them to their deaths,

Sinking to the depths of hell, after their final breaths.

Allah will be proud, rewarded with eternal glory,

holding untouched women, in a twisted airborne orgy.

Inshallah my brothers, until death do us part,

A martyr I will be, When I break the northern heart.

I will hit the concert tomorrow, and all will remember the day,

One man from Manchester, caused terror and havoc in May.


Tomorrow is my birthday, it will be better than the rest,

One thing left to do, just pass this final maths test.

Abdul’s in tomorrow, I will catch him on my break,

Down by the small rocks, on the shore of Hollingworth lake.

My friend from the east, my next-door neighbour,

Selfless and kind, a guaranteed math’s test saviour.

Fractions weren’t too hard, thanks for helping me out,

I will get you in tomorrow, just find a ticket tout.

Now I’m feeling tired, I’m struggling to stay awake,

Watching her on TV, but I’ve eaten too much cake.

We will go to the concert tomorrow, and we won’t forget the day,

my best friend and I had tickets, to go watch Ariana Grande.


God bless Manchester