Master Baker


When passion is combined with an eager business mind, great things happen. For Simon Town and his wife Victoria, this is the underpinning of their successful venture ‘Flake n’ Bake’. Together they transformed her passion for making remarkable cakes into a viable business which they have developed the branding for and taken over to Australia. The company began as a hobby whilst Victoria was working as a nurse and Si was still in the Marines, though they quickly realised the business potential as her cakes continuously grew in popularity, and decided to take strategic steps towards making it a real money earner.  

One of Flake n’ Bake’s stunning bespoke creations.

After leaving the marines Si worked in various jobs from close protection to the specialist fire service before they sold up everything and made the move to the Gold Coast. Over the years he devoted substantial time to learning about Victoria’s business, and assisting her in any way he could. He explains that they both have their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, he is competent with a sketch pad and will do a lot of the designing, whereas Victoria as a perfectionist, is the overall creator of these masterpieces and has learnt the technicalities involved in baking truly delicious cakes.

An example of Simon’s skills with a sketch-pad.

The impressive array of professional photos showcasing their creations on Instagram speak for themselves However, with the rise in social media, and the value of it on businesses today, photography was another small obstacle for the couple to work around with neither having any previous experience in taking professional looking photos. This was another area where Si could assist, and without extensive funds for professionally run courses, he took it upon himself to learn the basics through videos and information available on the internet.

One of Flake n’ Bake’s famous alcoholic cupcakes.

For any regular Instagram user, many ‘foodie’ pages from Australia will crop up, showcasing the countries impressive artisan food and coffee industry, and we were intrigued to learn what sets ‘Flake and Bake’ apart from the fierce competition. One of their most original and renowned products is their unique alcoholic cupcakes, consisting of perfectly baked, and decorated to perfection cupcakes, supplemented with pipettes of a popular spirit, such as Tequila or Jack Daniels. The idea is to either drink the alcohol separately, or inject it into the already boozy cake. These were a huge hit from the off set, and they were soon contacted by numerous Australian radio shows intrigued by their creation. They are also conscious of the rise in demand for speciality cakes that are gluten free and vegan, and so created ‘cake jars’ which cater for both dietary requirements. These are also highly sought after by customers at the ‘NightQuarter’ night market, where they trade from their converted 1973 Dodge camper stall which they had shipped over from the UK. 

Shipped all the way from the UK, their converted camper.
Trading at the NightQuarter on the Gold Coast, Australia.
Another of their Jack Daniel’s cupcakes, but on a much larger scale.

Flake n’ Bakes future is bright, with plans to open a shop, and possible franchise. Neither Si or Victoria had experience or training in setting up a business, but they have taken everything in their stride, working together offering their own strengths, and supporting the other. 

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