Heli-skiing NZ

There is no that doubt Heli-skiing is an incredible experience, which most ski or snowboard enthusiasts would love to tick off the bucket list. However, for the majority it is quite simply too expensive, with a Heli-ski experience in Europe setting you back skywards of around 800 euros. However, if you’re planning on visiting New Zealand to jump out of a Helo on a board or ski’s, then it would be worth your while to travel towards the end of the snow season, as a Heli-ski then can be experienced considerably cheaper. It’s no secret that the snow in New Zealand is nothing comparable to that of Europe, Canada or the USA, so you wouldn’t be missing much by visiting late in the season, plus the parks will still be open and maintained.

This comes with a few compromises…… you will be in larger groups, and the runs won’t be as long. Realistically you won’t be waist deep in fluffy powder, but you get the full experience of the helicopter, being taught about landing on the top of a mountain with your skis or board, and skiing a powder field big enough you won’t have to cross over anyone else’s path. The sunny end of season weather allowed us to have a BBQ and bar set up at the end of the run where everyone could socialise between trips up in the helicopter, though understandably the alcohol was limited until you had finished your final run.

Due to the nature of the runs being shorter than a typical heli-ski, it was possible to purchase as many more trips up as you liked, all at a decent price. The trips don’t tend to be advertised until the end of season, and even then only locally, so you will need to get in contact with the operators to ask. We’ve managed to get hold of a company in Lord of the Rings land that will be able to sort you out a decent package for a fair price.


Visit https://www.heliskinz.com/

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